Tuesday, June 17, 2008

**Update** The Italian Stallion is Tamed!

So remember the story of the Italian Stallion and his Don Juan wannabe ways that nearly brought my sister and I to blows? (Click here to take a trip down Italian Stallion memory lane.) Anyway, big news! Word on the street is that he is officially engaged and is getting married this summer. This news has been confirmed by facebook. Woo Hoo! In all seriousness, congrats to our little Fonzarelli! May you be happy forever and ever!


I'm in love! No, not with a man! With kayaking. Today, I went on my first kayaking expedition in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And get this, I paddled six miles. Six miles! This from the girl that used to hate sweating (I kind of like it now--I feel like it melts my fat away) and would get mad when people made her go on hikes two days in a row (the audacity of Paul and Patty!). To be honest, I'm not sure what it was...the calm of the water, the yellow bridges over the river or the skyscrapers against the lush green trees. But whatever it was, the combination has wooed me. And for now I will happily spend the rest of my evening thinking about my new crush and where our relationship will go from here. See you in my dreams kayak. See you in my dreams.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I Love All Kinds of Cake

Dear Readers,

I hope this finds you well. You’re probably wondering why you have the pleasure of reading so many entries in such a short span of days. Well it’s because I am on a plane from Missoula to Pittsburgh, my ipod is dead and I don’t feel like reading my book. Hence, plenty of time for writing and filling your minds with the useless ramblings of my mind.

Sometimes I have so many things going on in my head that it’s hard to keep track of them. Which is a good thing that I shouldn’t complain about because I’d rather have a lot going on up there than nothing at all. I always have these “brilliant” topics I want to write about and I’ll think of them intermittently throughout the day, but by the time I get around to writing, they have totally vanished from my mind. Which shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, considering that sometimes I forget where I park my car.

Anyway, believe it or not I have something to write about, although the previous two paragraphs may lead you to think that I don’t.

I was dropping Maitland off the other day to get fish-sat while I am out of town this week and was talking with my cousin-friend for a few minutes. Of course, the topic of boys/men came up. It always does (although I did not bring it up...this time.) Anyway, I was advised that while I shouldn’t be “less picky” I should consider being more accepting of boys/men. I didn’t know quite what to think about that. I wouldn’t say I’m “picky”, just merely “selective” in my choice of male companions. During our conversation, she also pointed out that I get annoyed with boys/men. I had to hand it to her there—she caught me like a fat kid with his fingers in the frosting of a chocolate cake. Now, I’ve always been an equal opportunity employer when it comes to members of the opposite sex (although theoretically I prefer the ones that are nice, funny, smart, enjoy dancing and are not-slutty, though this theory has been called in to question a time or two. Or seven.) but I do have a tendency to get bothered by some of the things they do (just mainly when they are mean or stupid.) I’m not sure if this is because I am more “selective” than the average female of it’s a defense mechanism to keep them from getting too close. It may be a combination of the two.

And while I don’t think my “selective” tendencies will go away soon, it did give me food for thought. What kind of thoughts, I don’t know yet. It made new a few more minutes.

Until then, bon appetite!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tia...the Author?

So big news. I’m writing a book. No, I have not started it yet. But I will. I’ve been talking about this for a while, but the time to actually do it has come. Now I’m not saying it’s going to be brilliant or a best seller or anything like that so don’t get to excited, but I do hope it will be entertaining. Mainly because life is funny.

My thinking behind this announcement—even though it is only to my blog readers and not in the form of a formal press conference—is that it will encourage me to get my booty in gear and get moving.

So until the book comes, keep reading the blog. And one day maybe you can say, “I knew that Tia girl back in the day when she wrote blog entries for a small online readership. And look at her now, she’s sold 14 books.”

Happy Reading!

Go To The Mattresses

You know how life gets a little busy, a little sad, a little happy, a little fun and a little full? It seem like it’s a combination of those things day in and day out. And while all this is great, wanna know what makes it even better? The “Go To’s.” You know, the people in life that you “go to” when something is happenings.

I’ve gotta tell you, my GT’s are probably some of the best known to man. They seriously rock it. Whether it’s a professional frustration, a personal drama, a love life complication, good news or someone to just kick it with, I’ve got some phenomenal ones.

A lot of my GT’s are in the form of my family---basically because they are the best. Sometimes it’s my mom, sometimes it’s my sister (big or little) and sometimes it’s one of my cousin-friends. (Love you guys!) I look at the family that I have and think “Man I’m lucky.” Sure, we’ve got our crazies and situations, but who doesn’t? That’s what makes family family.

I also have some great GT friends. Some are from my growing up days (which technically I’m still in those days-not sure if they’ll ever come to a close), some are from my college years and some are from my last few years working a grown-up job. I’ve only known my Missoula GTs/BFF’s for about a year, but it’s weird to imagine not having them in my life before now.

Another one of my GT’s is music. When I’m feeling blah about things I call on The Clinton’s and their song “Dance Slow.” (Check them out at clintonsband.com.) I love that song. It reminds me that life is good, love is real and music brings it all together.

To all of my Go To’s, you rock. Thanks for being you. For all of those with GT’s in your life, you’re lucky. For those that need GT’s, I hope you find them. And if you’re ever in need of a good bossing, I’m definitely your GT.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Things you may not know

1. I love peanut butter and chocolate chips.
2. I don't like big dogs.
3. I am petrified of bats.
4. Sometimes it feels like all I ever do is get ready.
5. Some days I wish I could be a trophy wife. Until I realize I'm missing the trophy part and the wife part.
6. I love black and white.
7. I love babies.
8. I'm really nice.
9. I believe you have to laugh because come on, life is funny.
10. I have a crush on North Carolina.
11. I have gotten my heart bruised. Not broken, just bruised.
12. I love kissing.
13. I cannot dive.
14. I love weddings.
15. Nothing brightens a bad day like a good friend, a diet soda and dessert.
16. When I laugh really hard, I kind of look like a horse. That's why it's called "The Horse Laugh."
17. I love people.
18. I love my family.
19. I act tougher than I really am.
20. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing.
21. I believe in the power of the human touch.
22. The eyes really seal the deal for me.
23. Some days you gotta dance.
24. I like performing. Apparently I didn't get enough attention growing up.
25. Gerber Daisy's make me happy. 

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sing it sister

I got the blues. The Sunday night blues. You know the ones. They come pretty much every Sunday night when you're sitting at home thinking of the coming week. And sure, while you're excited for what the new week brings you also think to yourself, "Seriously-it's already Sunday night?! Where did the weekend go?" I'll tell you where it went. Away. Just like it does every time. It seems like the time between Friday evening and Sunday evening goes faster than any other two days known to man. And when the evening hits, it drags on. And on. And on. Maybe it's because I'm sitting here alone, typing away on my computer, the only sound the humming of my space heater. Sure I know it's June and maybe the heater doesn't need to be on, but it's also Sunday night. And every Sunday night my heater comes on and provides a harmony to my thoughts and the clicking of the keyboard. Anyway, I better hit it before the Sunday night blues turn into the way too early Monday morning mayhem. Goodnight heater. And hugs and kisses to the rest of you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Get Out of My Dreams...

...and into my car. No seriously, get into my car. Fine, I guess you can't. Probably because you're not here. You're off doing your job somewhere. But I do have a sneaky suspicion that if you were here you would indeed get into my car. And I would happily welcome it.

Probably because I keep thinking about you. Sad I know, but I have a hard time pushing you completely out of my mind. You see, when it comes down to it, I don't want to push you all the way out. I want part of you to stay. Mainly the part of you that makes me laugh. And the part of you that danced with me for hours. And your sparkling blue eyes—they can stay too. I really liked those. And while we're at it, let's keep the sweet part of you too. The part that walks me to my car, likes chick flicks and makes me feel beautiful.

So until we meet again, I think I'll just keep those parts of you right here with me where they are perfect and safe. But rest assured that when I do see you, I will indeed make you get into my car.