Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family Bonding Time Photos

There are just too many cute photos! Therefore, another post. Ta da!

Family Bonding Time

The last week or so has been full of fun family time for me. And, get this, it even happened in Missoula! I didn't even have to go anywhere for it. Woo Hoo is what I say to that.

Last week, I played a show at Lake Missoula Cellars and I had family there in full force! In all, there were 16 of them (from both sides) that came to the show and I must say that I loved it.

Then this week, my cousin was here with her family and I was able to play with my "niece" and "nephew" for a few hours. Those kids absolutely crack me up! Abby was holding my hand and kissed my big glass ring before covering the rest of my hand in kisses. Too cute! She also suckered me into going down the slide with her at the mall. When it comes to babies, especially cute ones, I do not have the ability to say no and will pretty much do whatever they want. They play me like a fiddle.

Then last night, my cuz J-Dawg and my cuz Stone played the Miss Rodeo Inauguration Ball at the Hilton Garden Inn with their band, The Walk 'Em Boys. So much fun...and we had tons of family come! They traveled from far and wide (Missoula, Pennsylvania, Bozeman, Lewistown, Augusta, California, Stevi and Lolo -- we've slowly taking over the country) and we literally danced the night away. In between busting out killer dance moves, we managed to find the time to take about a billion photos and share plenty of laughs, giggles, hugs and kisses. Grandma was even up shaking her groove thing--take that recently broken hip!

Since I don't have an eloquent way to end this entry on family, love and fun, I'm going to quote two wonderful men...their words seem most fitting.

"Cousins Rule." -Gavin Allen
"You wanna know something--I sure love you." -Don Allen

Love to all of you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Spring

So these days the weather has been getting a bit nicer and it's making me so excited for spring and summer! And those things make me really happy. But, to be honest, I have a lot of things in my life that make me happy.

And because I'm feeling the love and want to share it, here are some of the things on my "Oh So Happy" list...

1. My mom and dad came over and spent the weekend a couple of weeks ago. We went to dinner, laughed it up at Brian Reagan and danced it up at The Broadway.

2. I have two jobs! And they both make me really happy - I love enjoying my work. :)

3. Babyface is almost one! And he's soon going to be joined by Babyface #2, scheduled to make his debut in May. I am one happy aunty!

4. I have some great BFFs. Not only do they crack me up, they are fun, kind, warm and caring people.

5. My boyfriend is really nice. And cute. And sweet. And funny. (Yes, I'll stop now.)

6. My gram came over to my show on Friday and cracked me up when after the show, she asked me if some of the songs I played were "Rock."

7. Medicine. It makes me feel good.

8. My In Style subscription from my favorite brother-in-law. It's a surprise in my mailbox every month!

9. Cold water.

10. Music! My friend and I played a show on Friday night and had a great turnout, along with a fun night!

What's on your "Oh So Happy" list?