Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Real Deal

There’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. It’s life. Although I don’t consider myself to be a deep thinker or serious type of person, for some reason I kept wondering what makes life really meaningful. Is it how much money I make, how fast I can get that report turned in, or the beautiful gleam of my wood floor? And I thought no, nope, and although I love my restored hardwood floor, it really doesn’t play a monumental role in my life so…no.

When I really took the time to think about what makes a life worthwhile I came up with one word: relationships.

But not just the lovey-dovey kissy-huggy smoochy-woochy types of relationships. I mean all kinds. The relationships we have with our parents. The relationships we have with our friends. And even the relationships we have with the pizza delivery guy or the lady that does our dry-cleaning.

Relationships, according to the book of Tia, are all about love. And in my world, love, and therefore relationships, is not something we want, but something we need.

I was discussing human relationships with two of my best friends the other day and one said, “It just seem like people are hardwired for relationships – it’s one of our instincts.” The other one added a simple truth, “Without relationships we’re lonely…and that doesn’t seem worthwhile to me at all.”

This, my friends, is because we all need to feel connected to someone else.

When you look back on your life and the various people you have met, think about what your life would be like without them and without the lessons they’ve helped you learn.

Sure, some of them hurt you, burned you and probably even made you cry (a little), but they’ve given you an education on life and the types of people you don’t want to be around. So, thank them for the lesson and promise to never repeat that class, because although we learned something we may not have been looking for, it needed to be learned just the same.

Instead, be sure to remember the people you feel like you’ve known for years, after just meeting them. Remember the ones that bring a smile to your face every time you see them or think of them. Remember the ones that know what you like to drink and what your favorite cookie is. And of course, remember the ones that will love you no matter what happens or where life takes you.

Because really, who are we without the people we love. And let’s be honest, no matter how tuff or how successful you are, without relationships, you’re not much. No offense.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Game On

Alright guys, as many of you know I like to write. And, since I like to write, the time has come for me to start a blog. Mainly because it will allow me to voice my many opinions on a variety of topics—something I seem to excel at. Although now that I have admitted I'm good at telling people what's up (some call this bossing—I call it telling them what's up) I realize that may not necessarily always be a good thing.

But moving on, in my writings you will see me actively express my frustrations, my joys, and in essence, my life. Something that I hope you will enjoy and find humor in. So if you want to laugh, giggle, roll your eyes or perhaps shed a tear (it's okay—it's just because your body needs to release toxins) please feel free. After all, life is funny.

Read away.