Thursday, April 24, 2008

Homeless Bum

So as many of you know I live in beautiful Missoula, Montana. It's a pretty fantastic place to live as it has a nice mix of families, vibrant college students, professionals, writers and on and on and on. However, is also has a plethora of bums (aka homeless people/transients.) I have the opportunity to interact with these travelers on a daily basis. First of all because I live downtown, conveniently enough right across the street from "The Pov" (a temporary residence for the homeless) and I'm only a block away from the railroad tracks, their main mode of transportation into our fine city. Not don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the homeless-to each their own.

However, right now I am sitting at The Break, a popular coffee spot where I like to come and do some writing after I am no longer able to concentrate elsewhere. And on this fine Thursday afternoon, many other Missoulians decided to come and spend some time at The Break as well. So lucky me, there are no other tables available except for the one with the homeless man sleeping at it. Apparently my new friend is very tired. He keeps dozing off and then jerking himself awake as his elbow falls off the table. While it is a little rude of me that I sat down at a table with him without asking, he is asleep so I figured he wouldn't mind.

Uh-oh, he just woke up. Lucky, he seemed to not notice that I was sitting here. Instead he stood up, pulled up his sagging sweatpants and just wandered away from our shared table. With any luck, he'll be back to join me. If not, I'll try to find another soul to join me at this table.

Four minutes later...He's back. He filled up his coffee cup and rejoined me. We still aren't speaking...apparently we both like playing hard to get.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Yellow High Heels

Oh hey. So I played my first "show" last weekend here in Missoula. I was able to play about a two hour set out at Lake Missoula Cellars and had a fabulous time doing it. Lots of my office "crew" came and listened, drank wine and (hopefully) enjoyed everything. Have I told you all how much I enjoy performing? I really do! Although I think I come by it naturally and apparently have felt a need to be the center of attention from a young age (just ask my mom, she'll show you the home videos.) When I get up on stage, I don't feel nervous. I'm not sure if I am naturally comfortable it or if I just think I'm sooo funny that I have no worries. Whatever it is—it seems to be working. Anyway, looking forward to playing more tunes.

*ps: I wore real cute sassy yellow high heels. I think they did the trick!