Friday, July 10, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Boy: "Do you really miss me that much?"
Girl: "Ya, so much."
Boy: "How did you survive without me before?"
Girl: "Well I didn't know what I didn't have and now that I know what I have, I don't want to be without it."
Boy: "Aw babers."

True story.

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rora said...

First I read your "no more sugar post" and as I was ingesting a pint of ben and jerry's I felt guilty, then I read it and felt justified. Then I read the following two posts and had simultaneous 'ooohhhhhh tear drop in my eye squishy love goodness' and 'aaaaagggh! tear drop in my eye squishy love goodness'. not sure what to make of that. I agree with the other commenters. We need pictures and info. Pronto (not necessarily pronto, it just rhymed (kind of---leave me alone) with info, and I liked the way it sounded)